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Transformational Chairwork
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Transformational Chairwork Training is designed to introduce therapists to the art and science of Chairwork, or psychotherapeutic dialogues, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner.

Using didactic presentations, role-plays, and live demonstrations, participants will learn how to effectively use the “Empty Chair” and “Two-Chair” techniques in three basic ways.

Inner Dialogues

(a) Chairwork can be used to clarify and resolve the conflicting energies and values that are often at work when patients are “stuck” or unable to make a decision.

(b) It can also be used to help patients address the internal pain that is connected to Inner Critic voices and/or negative schemas — internal sources of anguish that are frequently found in depression, anxiety, addictions, and borderline personality disorder.

(c) Building on work by Neff, Gilbert, and Tirch, participants will learn how to use Chairwork  as an effective way of facilitating the creation of Self-Compassion and self-compassionate voices or self-talk in patients.

External Dialogues

(a) Experiential encounters provide an opportunity for patients to work through conflicts, express blocked emotions, and say goodbye to people who are no longer present in their lives.

(b) Chairwork can also play a significant role in empowering traumatized and abused patients to tell the story, psychodramatically confront their abusers, and reclaim their lives.

Addictive Disorders and Behaviors

(a) To help facilitate the process of recovery, it is important that addicted individuals have some form of encounter between the part of them that wants to continue to use the substance or engage in the behavior and the part that wants to change or stop; chairwork is a powerful vehicle for enabling this to happen.

Each participant will be provided with a training manual that presents the basic structures for a wide range of clinical dialogues.

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