Transformational Chairwork - book by Scott KelloggThe new book, Transformational Chairwork can be purchased here.
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An Amazon Gestalt Psychology #1 Bestseller

The Art and Science of Chairwork is based on the belief that there is a healing and transformative power in:

(1) Giving voice to one’s inner parts, modes, and selves; and

(2) Enacting or re-enacting scenes from the Past, the Present, or the Future

The Transformational Chairwork Training is designed to introduce therapists to the practice of Chairwork, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner using clinical story-telling, role-plays, and live demonstrations.

Transformational Chairwork I

This workshop focuses on Inner Conflict, Grief and Loss, and Working through Difficult Relationships and Countertransference.

Transformational Chairwork II

This workshop focuses on Treating Addictions, Trauma and Interpersonal Abuse, and Self-Hatred and Self-Compassion.

Transformational Chairwork III

This is the Advanced Chairwork Training and it is open to anyone who has previous experience in Chairwork.  This training will introduce therapists to the eight core dialogue paradigms.

Transformational Chairwork I and II are non-sequential trainings and they may be taken in any order.

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