Lima – 06/24/17

Transformational Chairwork - A Two-Day Training
Saturday, June 24, 2017
10:00am - Buy Tickets
Jr. Loma de Las Azucenas 120, santiago de surco

Lima, Peru, Peru
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Transformational Chairwork - A Two-Day Training

June 24 and June 25, 2017

Drawing on the clinical wisdom and practices of a wide range of Gestalt and integrative psychotherapists, this Two-Day Transformational Chairwork Training is designed to introduce therapists to the art and science of Chairwork, or psychotherapeutic dialogues, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner.

Using clinical storytelling, role-plays, and live demonstrations, participants will learn how to use this technique to address a number of common clinical issues.

Day 1: Resolving Inner Conflicts; Healing from Loss and Grief; and Coping with Difficult Relationships.

Day 2: Working with Addictions; Overcoming Trauma and Interpersonal Mistreatment; and Engaging the Inner Critic/Developing a Capacity for Self-Compassion and Self-Kindness.

For more information and to register, please contact Mr. Giancarlo Cordiglia Hernández, Director, Gestalt Grupo Peru

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