The Art and Science of Chairwork

Here is a list of our next round of trainings:

Transformational Chairwork: Using the Four Dialogues in Clinical Practice – A Live, Three-Day Intensive in New York City.

September 30th to October 2nd. For more information and to register, please go here.

I recently had the opportunity to do a Chairwork demonstration with Eugen Poppa, the Organizer of the upcoming Hypnosis Masters Summit (September 8-14). We did some polarity work together and then I led him through a Self-Compassion Chairwork meditation. The Summit – including the work we did together – can be found here.

Transformational Chairwork is centered on the belief that there is a healing and transformative power in: (1) Giving voice to one’s inner parts, modes, and selves; and (2) Enacting or re-enacting scenes from the Past, the Present, or the Future

The Transformational Chairwork Course is designed to introduce therapists to the practice of Chairwork, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner using clinical story-telling, role-plays, and live demonstrations.

In 2018, we discovered the Four Dialogue Matrix – which is a crystallization of over 50 years of Chairwork practice and exploration by a wide range of integrative psychotherapists.  This is now the foundation of the course.

The Seven Chairwork training modules are focused on:

  1. Making Decisions – Working with Polarities (Internal Dialogues)
  2. Working with Grief and Loss: Cycle of Emotions (Relationship and Encounters)
  3. Voice Dialogue: Engaging with Internal Parts (Giving Voice)
  4. Trauma Work: Three-Person Storytelling (Telling the Story)
  5. Alternative Dialogues: Restructuring Schemas and Rebalancing Modes (Internal Dialogues)
  6. Challenging Relationships – Role-Reversal and Self-Doubling (Relationships and Encounters)
  7. Complex Emotions: Resolving Ambivalence and Complex Emotions/Vector Dialogues (Relationships and Encounters

An introductory lecture on Chairwork can be found here.

Please Note: The Transformational Chairwork trainings are open to Mental Health, Addiction Treatment, and Harm Reduction Professionals, Students, and Trainees.  All others must obtain specific permission from Dr. Kellogg ( to attend.  Thank you.

The Transformational Chairwork Psychotherapy Project is dedicated to bringing the power of Chairwork and the Four Dialogues to people who are members of historically oppressed and marginalized groups.  A central part of this work involves our reaching out to BIPOC therapists and inviting them to train with us.  To help facilitate this, we always offer a Community Donation option in the workshops that we organize so that finances are never an obstacle for those who seek to learn.  A second way that we are striving to make a difference is through our on-going development of Social Justice Chairwork Psychotherapy.  If you have any suggestions as to how we might advance this work, please contact Scott Kellogg, PhD ( or Amanda Garcia Torres, LMHC ( ).  Thank you.

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