Participants’ Reactions to Transformational Chairwork Training:

“Wow!!! Such an intense weekend. … It was amazing and Dr. Kellogg is gifted beyond words. …. Words cannot express the experience at it was truly an incredible healing journey. I intend to incorporate this in my own practice and encourage all my clinician friends to get his book, Transformational Chairwork: Using Psychotherapeutic Dialogues in Clinical Practice. So grateful.”

Barbara Soehner, LCSW

Stacey Smith wrote about her experiences using Chairwork with addicted patients at Staceinspire’s Blog.

“Dr. Kellogg is a marvelously talented clinician and presenter. This workshop is definitely worth attending!”

Arnold Washton, PhD, Private Practice of Addiction Psychology, Princeton, NJ and New York, NY: Recovery Options and Moderate Drinking Options

“I’ve never left a training so changed in terms of both how I see the work of therapy and tools I feel I can offer my patients right away.”

Morton Rosenbaum, MA, Long Island University, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

“Scott is a master at Chairwork and is brilliant at helping me incorporate the benefits of this work both personally and professionally.”

Leon Silvers, LMHC, Private Practice

“I walked out a better clinician than when I entered. The training exceeded my expectations and whetted my clinical appetite.”

Carey Wainwright, MA, CASAC, Samaritan Village/Program Director, New York.

“It opened up new conceptualizations for my work with trauma survivors.”

Diane Stokke, MSW, North Central Bronx Hospital Outpatient Clinic, New York.

“I am very excited about the possibility of bringing this to my clients. Today’s experience was invigorating…”

Frances Melendez, PhD, Director of Behavioral Health, Iris House, New York.

“Thank you for your inspirational work here in Basel. We can still feel the buzz among our team here at the CBT unit – people are really inspired and excited to try out the different strategies they learned from you.”

lic. phil. Marina Poppinger, Psychologist, Psychiatric University Clinics, UPK, Specialised Psychotherapy – Cognitive Behavioural Unit, Basel, Switzerland

“A very good presenter – creative and enthusiastic. The workshop motivated me to do more chairwork.”

Vartouhi Ohanian, PhD, West London, NHS, United Kingdom.

“Dr. Kellogg opened me up to a whole new way of working with clients that is powerful, meaningful, creative, and exciting. I’m excited to use this technique with my patients.”

Emily Horowitz, PsyD, New York Veterans Administration Medical Center.

“El workshop del Dr. Kellogg fue interesante, animado y muy útil para mi práctica clínica. Me siento suficientemente preparada para aplicar esta técnica en mi trabajo con pacientes, especialmente con aquellos que son resistentes a las intervenciones tradicionales.

La integración de la “técnica de las dos sillas” aumentará mi eficacia como psicoterapeuta y enriquecera mi trabajo hasta ahora basado en la aplicación de técnicas cognitivo-conductuales y en la terapia de esquema creada por el Dr. Jeffrey Young. Recomiendo ampliamente este workshop a todos los profesionales del area de Salud Mental.”

Patricia Escudero Rotman Ph.D., LCSW., Psych. (Arg.).

“This workshop was excellent. After a solid and substantive presentation by Dr. Kellogg, participants had an opportunity to immediately apply the material via several role-plays. This was an excellent example of a meaningful and useful workshop experience.”

Richard B. Joelson, DSW, Private Practice, New York.

“An excellent teacher and role model.”

Gitta Jacob, PhD, University Medical Center of Freiberg, Germany.

“This was the best training I’ve attended in months. It was rich and the experientials really allowed the material to sink in.”

Lillian Ankrah, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Volunteers of America, New Hope Shelter, NY.

“Just from one day of exposure to this technique, I can tell that it is going to significantly influence the way I practice psychotherapy.”

Crystal Tholany, MD, Psychiatry Resident, NYU Medical Center, New York.

“It was a very powerful reminder of how compelling the experience of speaking from (or hearing) one’s voice purely can be.”

Eshkol Rafaeli, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Barnard College, Columbia University, New York.

“As a therapist, I have found that chairwork offers the opportunity to challenge parts of the client that I didn’t have access to through other interventions. The effect on my clients has been profound and transformational.”

Elena Touroni, PhD, Maple Psychological Services, London, United Kingdom.

“Through Dr. Kellogg’s demonstrations and my own role plays, I was able to see, first hand, effective ways to implement the transformational chairwork technique. This is definitely a technique I will implement in my therapeutic work with clients.”

Marisa Mahler, PsyD Graduate Student, Long Island University/C. W. Post, New York.

“I think every therapist could benefit from this training.”

Hersha Diaz, PsyD, New York.

“I feel confident and ready to try this out with my patients just after the one-day training!”

Anand Patel, PsyD, Jacobi Medical Center, Bronx, New York.

“A very powerful technique and workshop.”

Adrian Tubero, PsyD, Private Practice, New York.

“Dr. Kellogg was brilliant in the role of trainer and I have real and serious motivation to use this technique in my work.”

Eleni Tsiola, MD, MSc, Mental Health Unit, Evgenidio Hospital, Athens, Greece

“Your training was so helpful. It helped me learn how to move therapy from a more intellectual to an emotionally deep place.”

Lauren Becker, PsyD, Private Practice, New York.

“This training is fantastic. I have learned very practical skills that I could use in my clinical work.”

Yanli Liang, PhD Candidate, New York University, New York.

“The integration of gestalt therapy, chairwork, and schema therapy was artfully presented with clear strategies and practical role-playing scenarios.”

Lyndon Aguiar, PhD, University Counseling Services, Virgina Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

“Dr. Kellogg’s passion for his work was contagious. I am definitely glad that I had the chance to attend.”

Jacqueline McCray, BSN, Community Health Nurse, Dutchess County Department of Mental Hygiene Partial Hospitalization Program, New York.